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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница куньмин хайтянь (Haitian Hotel Kunming), гостиница находится в центре Куньмина - улица тодун, внизу - узел метро no 1, 2 - й линии - станция танцзы - Лэйн (рядом с выходом), пешком около 10 минут ходьбы до торгового центра Куньмина, курятник, Южная ширма ходьбы, удобный транспорт.здесь находится городской Элитный отель, придерживаясь 'море памяти и личной близости, если соседи по дому'.в целом, более 100 номеров, 800 ресторанов.отличный, уютный и чистый номер, круглосуточный центральный кондиционер, полный охват.спортзал, оснащенный качественным оборудованием, шахматная комната, аудио - и видеосалон позволяет вам расслабиться, физически и душевно, спокойно и наслаждаться всем комплексом услуг.питание сочетает местную традиционную культуру с кухней.предпочтение отдается свежим продуктам питания в провинциях Юньнань, вводится традиционная линия моста метров, регулярно проводится 16 фестивалей изящных блюд в провинциях Юньнань., есть все необходимое для проведения семинаров, конференций, выставок, фестивалей и встреч на самом высоком уровне. есть все необходимое для проведения семинаров, конференций, выставок, фестивалей и встреч на высшем уровне.отель, чтобы создать каждый незабываемый, достойный подражания момент.
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  • lerbon
    Good, live it every time you come, the traffic is convenient
  • cutewing
  • eme82
    Very convenient
  • cleeli1982
    Very clean but a bit old total praise
  • coolonely
    Hotel is newly renovated, the internal environment is very good, is a great hotel, staff service attitude is good, but the subway environment is poor.
  • dmc_1987
    Downtown is convenient
  • aipangpang
    Very good hotel, feeling better than six months ago, rooms at the level of service has improved, the rooms are nice, curbside noise in some room and concierge service also needs to be strengthened, for example in car links
  • wendell_yang
    Very good, basic Haitian every time you come to Kunming.
  • wuwei0588
    The hotel is very clean, the room facilities are complete, send every day mineral water, fruit, milk, is very good.
  • leowang888
    Very clean, is the surrounding Metro
  • e00452495
    Room a little small, but the center of Kunming, is near from the downtown streets and biji, staff very good, very enthusiastic, take the initiative to carry luggage for you, offering to help, really special guests, and rooms with complimentary fruit and milk, are great. Around in the subway, road traffic is blocked, and Windows were locked, it makes people uneasy, but breakfast was varied, overall was very good.
  • flmflm
    Very good, stayed many times
  • Anita6789
    Hotel staff, men and women alike are very good, the feeling of a home away from home. very clean hotel. Hotel transportation is convenient, estimated in the hundred meters from Metro station. The location of the hotel is very good, seems to be a street snack later. West is near the jinbi square. water wood market is not far. Anyway, nice, clean is the most important.
  • BBWolf
    In front of Metro, very bad indeed. window of the room is quite big, but cannot open. room. milk a day fruits, breakfast lovely. dinner around a little
  • elva6
    While in the subway is not that loud noise, service staff will deliver milk in the evening was excellent value, room was great, the price is right, there is no facilities like gym.
  • bobo_2003911
    Location not far from the jinma biji, 20 minute walk to, we call the front desk can help get express mail parcels, results of a ten-minute, express little brother came, great hotel services, efficiency is very high, the only downside is the hotels main entrance at the Metro in the near future, well take a taxi, but not sleeping at night was very noisy.
  • Rose Xu
    Around the subway. lobby nice. Hotel welcome fruit.
  • babeblue
    Which is very nice
  • Ericdeng65
    Good location, good service ... lived here each time you travel to Kunming. surrounding many of the restaurants, near from the shopping street. The rooms and clean. attendant high face value, focusing on everyone's smiling faces make people comfortable.
  • e01849761
    Really very good very good good
  • beadpolice
    Nice hotel
  • terrystar
    Also very well
  • vivi16v88
    Which is very nice
  • cgenny
    Hotel service is good, the environment is good, breakfast is good, convenient! will be admitted in the future!
  • wt1205
  • engp5609
    Two days ago, behind myself. but the front desk was very good
  • ayy008
  • Celineyu
    Hotel Metro is a bit noisy
  • micyjiang
    That's good
  • fanfanyu888
    What is good, is the Internet is too poor, dead wireless card, cable network and does not go on.
  • bb_wsxm
    Good location, Metro now
  • jamesgu
    There is currently a construction site in front of the Hotel, therefore it is noisy and to reach the Hotel you need to walk on the open street. Upon arrival it took some time to get checked in as there was some misunderstanding regarding the booked room type. It took 2 employees and the manager to solve it. Unfortunally only one of the managers speaks English on a conversational level. The real disappointment was the breakfast, they only serve until 10am and when we arrived at 09:30 there was almost no food left and the little food there was left was cold. At 09:45 they started to remove all there was left. I tried to talk to the manager, but the she was not there. One of the receptionist ladies then offered that the kitchen can prepare some hard boiled eggs and deliver them to the room. That was just terribly bad service and therefore i dont recommend this Hotel at all. Really bad customer service! As a customer you feel cheated to pay for something that is not delivered.
  • e01370390
    All right
  • wei3610
    Good location, hotel bedding clean. is around in the subway, but does not affect the trip.
  • maxu2000
    Hotel is very good. good. not satisfied, is now at the Metro, Windows that open in the evening is very noisy.
  • m01605016
    All right! Very good hotel.
  • playroy
    Good convenient and thoughtful front desk people satisfaction
  • xiaojunjun1982
    Well in the lobby, the rooms are good, service is good, but I'm letting go of the arrangement on a noisy street side, bad
  • e00163802
    Newly renovated, nice, but never a room 5, next to the fan, didn't sleep well all night.
  • e02433919
    Very good
  • dondonxian
    Price is a bit high, the room
  • Jeff91
    Recent entrance road, the environment is bad
  • njyonger
    Second stay, very clean and looks new, the rooms are very good, front desk service is also very good.
  • robertatcn
    Good location, good service ... lived here each time you travel to Kunming. surrounding many of the restaurants, near from the shopping street. The rooms and clean. attendant high face value, focusing on everyone's smiling faces make people comfortable.
  • cocolbj
    Nice, now around Metro
  • e02129206
    As always, good
  • netwff
    The location is very good, recommended
  • pseudome
    Is unfortunately no gym
  • baoyiwei
    Which is very nice
  • lilingyuan
    Good convenient and thoughtful front desk people satisfaction